Best Online Tools to Turn Black & White Photos to Color of 2022

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About the best online tools to turn black and white photos into color

Old photos or black and white photos taken today can come to life if they are colored. Adding color to monochrome photos is often a complicated process that requires you to pay attention to the location of each pixel in the photo, but over the years the process has gotten much easier. Online photo editing tools, apps, and software can make the process of coloring a photo so easy that even a child can.

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Luminar is a professional photo editor combined with grayscale and color functions. The color splash effect allows you to make only certain colors reappear in an image after converting it to grayscale.

  • Step 1: Download Luminar software
  • Step 2: Upload a photo from the device
  • Step 3: Color photos manually
  • Step 4: Download the image to your device


The Photomyne suite of applications is the most nostalgic application in the world. The intelligent automatic process to turn your photos into vibrant and colorful memories. It can be used in a browser and is also available as a downloadable app on Android and iOS devices.

  • Step 1: upload your photos
  • Step 2: Automatically take color photos in grayscale
  • Step 3: Download the image to your device


Pixbim is an easy to use software for converting grayscale to color with a simple and clear user interface. He claims that its photo coloring software uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technology in the world. You can try converting grayscale images to color as it offers free trial version for download.


Photoshop is a well-known software that will help you work with photos. Today, along with the population of artificial intelligence, Adobe has embraced it in their product, Photoshop CC, which can quickly convert grayscale images to color. But you need a little help adjusting the photos.

To use Photoshop to render your photo grayscale to color, you need to add a solid color adjustment layer for each aspect of the photo you want to paint. You can find the specific information in the video below.


Movavi is a powerful photo editor with powerful editing features. You can easily work with any photo with Movavi coloring software in high quality. However, you must install the software before using it.

  • Step 1: Install Movavi Photo Editor
  • Step 2: upload a photo
  • Step 3: Switch your photo from grayscale to color with this free photo coloring software
  • Step 4: Save the color image

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