Best free online photo editors to change background color to white, how to use them

Keeping your subject in focus is the most important thing when it comes to retouching photos. Having an eye-catching view is good, but most of the time the subject lacks attention. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your subject with the full attention in the picture. To give the most attention to your subject, use a clean background color and expose the subject color, white is the preferred color. We have listed some of the best online photo editors to change the background color of your photo to white, you can also use these online photo editors to remove the background from your picture. Here are the best photo editors online and here is how you can change the background color to white:

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List of best free online photo editors to change background color to white

  1. to delete
  2. Fotor
  3. Clipping magic
  4. Pixlr

to delete

If you are looking for an online editor that can remove the background from your image in the easiest way, removebg is the best tool to use. Moreover, it is fast and provides high quality editing of your images. One of our favorite features of the app is that you don’t have to do anything other than upload your file and upload it, everything on this site happens automatically. Moreover, if you want to make any changes to your image, you can do that as well. The removebg also offers you two subscription plans which give you additional benefits. Additionally, you can integrate removebg into your Adobe Photoshop software.

How to use removebg

  1. Go to
  2. You can either drag and drop your file onto the website or upload it from your file manager.
  3. Once uploaded, the image will be processed automatically and the background will be removed.
  4. You can also change the background by clicking the background button, and you can also erase or restore a specific section of the image.
  5. The final file will be available in two sizes: 670 × 372 or good quality and 1440 × 800 or better. You need to register to get the high quality image for free.

removebg: pros and cons

Advantages The inconvenients
Simple and easy method Very few options to modify the image
Fast processing

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Fotor is an online photo editor and collage maker as well as a suitable desktop application for photo editing. You can either use the online version of Fotor or download it to access all the features. We recommend that you use the online version for light editing tasks. There is an option to upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all the features. Fotor offers you three options on its home page: Edit a photo, Create a design and Make a collage. It offers several features to edit your picture: Crop & Resize Pictures, Remove Background, Photo Enhancer, Powerful Blemish Remover, Remove Wrinkles, Amazing Photo Effects. Fotor provides the basic options for adjusting your images as well as some of its key features such as the Effect panel and 1-Tap Enhance.

How to use Fotor

  1. Go to and click on ‘Create a design’.
  2. Select your image size, Fotor comes with preloaded templates that you can use.
  3. Upload your image, make sure you are registered on Fotor as it is necessary to upload your own image.
  4. Select the image and now you can see the ‘Background Remover’ option at the top. It will show you two options which are professional features of Fotor: Smart Portrait Cutout and Custom Cutout.
  5. You can use any option and remove the background image. Now just go to the background option on the left and select a white background.
  6. Click Upload in the upper right corner and save your final image.

Fotor: Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages The inconvenients
1-touch enhancement function No RAW support for the online version
Effect panel Background removal is a professional feature

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Clipping magic

Clipping Magic is very simple than Fotor and is very easy to use. The sole purpose of Clipping Magic is limited to removing or changing the background of the image. The best part about this tool is that it automatically detects the subject and removes the backgrounds, users don’t even need to intervene in the process, they can just upload their image and get the result. However, Clipping Magic gives you the option to adjust the image, crop it, or adjust the shadows. It also gives users the option to remove or keep specifically selected areas in the image. There are three different subscription options to access the high quality image without watermark.

How to use Clipping Magic

Follow these steps to change the background color of the image to White using Clipping Magic:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your image and it will take you to the editing tool
  3. It will show 2 slides where one is the original image and another is the deleted background image, Clipping Magic will automatically remove the background.
  4. Now click on the background in the lower left corner, it will show you different colors. Choose White and upload your image.

That’s it, you need to change the background of your image to white. We hope you have found the Clipping Magic tool very useful and easy to use.

Clipping Magic: Pros and Cons

Advantages The inconvenients
Detects the subject and removes the background Require credits to save results after 1 download
Multiple background options Limited to the clipping tool only

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Pixlr can also be referred to as Photoshop online because it offers a Photoshop-like interface and various options for editing the image. Publisher Pixlr’s main source of revenue is from ads, which is why there is a 20% space reserved on the right side for ads. And, don’t even think about using adblocker because the tool won’t work after that. The Pixlr tool comes with a plethora of features, whether it’s a basic touch or anything else. Pixlr is a good cloud-based editing tool and offers several advantages to the editor. Pixlr will show you two options on the homepage to choose from Pixlr E for an advanced photo editor and Pixlr X for quick and easy editing. We will use Pixlr X to change the background color of the image to white.

How to use Pixlr

  1. Go to and click on the Pixlr X option.
  2. Now it will ask you to download the image. Once downloaded, it will take you to the tool.
  3. To remove the background, see the “Cutout” tool in the list on the left. Select ‘Magic Cutout’ to automatically remove the background or you can use the other options available to select the desired areas.
  4. Move your pointer to the background area you want to remove and click on it, this will remove the similar area from the image.
  5. Now go to the tools list again and choose “Layout & Template”, then turn on the background option and choose the color White.
  6. Now click save and voila, your image has been uploaded.

Pixlr: pros and cons

Advantages The inconvenients
Supports layers and masks Ads occupy 20% of the screen
Customizable interface Magic Remover tool does not work accurately

These are some of the best free online photo editors that you can try to convert your image background color to white. Which do you think is the best? Let us know in the “Comments” section.

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