Best free infographic tools and software

They say a picture can say a thousand words. Infographics is a special type of image that represents information through various types of charts and tables. Many of you may be familiar with the term “infographic” already, while many of you have heard it today. Infographics make it possible to share information and connect with the world through interesting visuals that represent detailed information about something. However, creating an eye-catching infographic is time consuming and expensive. But there are a few tools and websites to create beautiful infographics for free, which we will learn from this article.

What is infographic? What are the types of infographics?

Infographics is the graphic representation of a subject with information that also combines texts. Using an infographic, a descriptive topic or information can be beautifully presented through a single image. In other words, an infographic is an image that presents the words of the mind in a simple way. While a normal image is just an image to look at, the infographic explains a lot of things through the image.

Although infographic was primarily used for journalistic presentation in newspapers, it has broadened its uses over the years. Now, there are mainly nine types of infographics used which include Statistical, Informative, Timeline, Process, Geographic, Comparison, List, Hierarchical, and Resume infographics.

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Statistical infographic primarily visualizes and compares survey results from multiple sources. If you want to present a specialized concept or a new concept of communication or even give an overview of a topic, the informative infographic will come in handy.

For historical visualization, it is best to use a timeline infographic that highlights important dates or provides an overview of an event. If you want to present a process or a step by step guide, the process infographic will help you.

If someone wants to visualize demographic or geotagged data, a geographic infographic is a savior for representing a large amount of data. Many people face a problem when they have to choose something from several options; a comparative infographic will help them choose the right thing. Still, for people who want to share a few tips or a lot of resources, a list infographic will be a perfect choice.

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Finally, the infographic CV is the current trend in the job market. It can help the interview to glance over the important points effortlessly.

Benefits of infographics

Although it is believed that infographic was introduced around 25,000 years ago, it became popular in the 1970s. Since then, it has provided immense benefits to journalists and marketing staff. Nowadays, people like to read infographics while they also read articles. People of any profession can make a presentation in a short time using the image which contains information.

For example, you have to do a presentation about your business or some other topic at a big event, and the time is only 1 (one) minute. What will you do, then? Surely you can’t give a presentation by doing 15 or 20 slides? And to accomplish the task in a minute, you will not be able to say the main points in 1 minute to get the audience’s attention. But you can present this work beautifully with just one photo infographic. Surely you now understand the benefit of an infographic.

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In addition, the presentations provided by infographics are memorized for a long time, and the main points can be easily explained.

Best Free Software to Create Infographics for Research, Business, or Academic Purposes

As we mentioned before, infographics are very time consuming and require high end tools. But there is even free software online, which can help create a decent infographic.

Adobe spark

It is a design tool that can be used to create posters, web pages, and videos using computer or iOS devices. It is very easy to use, and any beginner can master it from day one. They have professional templates to create posters and flyers effortlessly.

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Be Funky

It has a photo editor, college, and a way to create infographics. You can find different types of templates and modify them using images and symbols of your choice. With this tool, you can sort any text in any size and color you want. Once the infographics are created, you can save, download, and use them from any website or other medium.


Visme is widely used for making presentations through their presentation templates. However, it has a special tool for infographics. It is a free tool that contains over 100 fonts, lots of images and symbols. He can also create visuals and add words to them.


Although Snappa is a graphic design tool, it can be used to create infographics for free. For those who don’t know how to design, this is a great tool. You can create beautiful infographics in 10 minutes using this tool. Thanks to Snappa, you can download infographics five times a month. However, if you upgrade for a fee, you can download unlimited infographic that you create.

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Canva infographic maker

Canva is a powerful and simple online site that anyone with a different level of experience or even no experience can work through. Plus, it has a huge collection of images, icons, and fonts. From there you can choose the one you like. Plus, it also has paid items starting at $ 1.

Google Chart

The Google Chart is easy to use and free. It allows you to have different kinds of graphics and different kinds of presets that you can associate with your website. Google Chart is one of the best choices for anyone to create the simplest infographics.


Infogram is a great tool that lets you create a unique infographic. It contains charts and maps. In addition, it is also possible to add photos and videos. This tool will convert your input information into an infographic of different designs, which will accurately represent your information. Additionally, you can share the infographics on social media in addition to downloading.

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Piktochart is a tool that can create infographics in just a few clicks. The color and the font can be changed very easily. Graphics, basic shapes, and images come preloaded and can help create a visually informative image.