Andrew Vaughn with a hip pointer

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Andrew Vaughn was diagnosed with a hip pointer (bruised pelvis on the right side) on Monday after taking a dive into right center field on Sunday.

Vaughn will progress as his symptoms resolve and should return to play within the next one to two weeks, according to the White Sox. That schedule could change as Vaughn returns, but put simply, the American League Central favorites have dodged a major setback for now after Vaughn was taken by cart on Sunday.

“Really good. I feared the worst,” White Sox manager Tony La Russa said Monday. said the aching hip pointer. Very good news. It was scary.”

Outfielder/first baseman Gavin Sheets lives with Vaughn during spring training and mentioned with a smile that it was Vaughn’s turn on Monday. Sheets hadn’t played in right field in Cactus League action until Monday’s game against the Padres at Camelback Ranch.

As the third overall pick in the 2019 draft, Vaughn entered the White Sox organization as a first baseman. He moved to left field at the end of last spring training, when Eloy Jiménez suffered a ruptured left bicep tendon. This year, Vaughn has been one of the top candidates for playing time in right field.

Even before Vaughn’s injury, White Sox fans were pushing for an addition to the outfield via free agency or a trade. It certainly wasn’t a negative reflection on Vaughn, who hit the ball with authority throughout spring training, but rather a push for a natural outfielder who hasn’t been converted from another position. .

“It’s probably the fans who aren’t White Sox fans,” La Russa said, referring to “Options B, C and D” now for right field. “White Sox fans know there are guys in this camp who can handle it.”

Some critics will point to Vaughn’s lack of experience in right field as a factor in his injury. Vaughn played 107 games in the outfield, 18 of them on the right, and put in countless hours of early work alongside Sheets and outfield coach Daryl Boston.

Sunday’s play was not routine. Vaughn moved to right center to make the diving catch. Sheets believes the injury had nothing to do with Vaughn leaving first base.

“It was one of those things where he dove and funny fell on his hip. It could happen at first. It could happen in a second. It could happen anywhere,” Sheets said. “People want to make things bigger than they are, but it’s just a funky piece and it landed funny on it. You see it happen all the time, unfortunately.

“We’re trying to win a World Series. It’s not a project. He’s trying to win football games and so it’s not an experiment or anything. It’s about trying to get our team to a World Series and winning games. That’s how we approach it, and I think that’s how the team approaches it.

“What the doctor said was, ‘Let’s see when the pain goes away,'” La Russa said of Vaughn’s outlook. “…I think we just have to be patient. It will soon be April, and we want him to do well.