Monthly Archives: July 2021

France takes initiative to pressure people to get vaccinated

PARIS – As Europe and the United States strive to strike an appropriate balance between limiting the Delta variant of the coronavirus and limiting personal freedom, President Emmanuel Macron has paved the way on a narrow path combining a limited constraint to be vaccinated with generalized coercion. Its approach of ordering health workers to be […]

Adobe Lightroom Classic Review | Popular photography

Photographers can be creatures of habit. We will find ourselves attached to a lens or a camera body. Or, in the case of Adobe Classic Lightroom, photo editing software. Lightroom Classic has been around in one form or another for 15 years now. It currently shares the Creative Cloud line with the simply titled Lightroom, […]

SW Oklahoma Musicians Spread Their Wings, Reach | Photo galleries

This week’s column highlights a pair of Southwestern Oklahoma originals who are making their musical mark as artists on the rise. The first tale takes us to Music City, USA The road is never easy for a musician. Since taking the freeways and back roads to Nashville, Tenn., Last year, Brett Landry knows it too […]

Review the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards winners

For more stories like this subscribe to The Phoblographer. The winners of the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards are here. After reviewing thousands of photographs, submitted by photographers from 140 countries, the jury made their decision. The standard was high, and the winners are proof of that. “On the founder of the IPPA, Kenan Aktulun. In […]

MLive high school football media days mark a return to some form of normalcy (see photos)

MUSKEGON, MI – Waves of high school football players donning their school jerseys entered and exited Mercy Health Arena on Tuesday and Wednesday. They had their photos taken, participated in media interviews, played games, enjoyed refreshments and generally relished a return to some form of normalcy following a highly unusual 2020 season. impacted by the […]

The coming game week is crucial in determining the national trade deadline plans

No NL East team has yet separated from the field. The Phillies, Braves and Nationals are all within five games of the Mets leading the division, with much of the division hovering in the .500 realm. It’s almost certainly a division title or failure for all of these teams, with the NL West’s top three […]

Nun TikTok, 55, who went viral with her amazing skin, slams the beauty industry

A nun who went viral on TikTok thanks to her bright, youthful appearance criticized the beauty industry, saying the expensive products “dry” on the skin and are designed to make “women come back” for more. Fans of Sister Monica, 55, an Anglican nun from the community of St John Baptist in New Jersey, said she […]

Oakland Athletics might as well pack for a possible Las Vegas move

Now it looks like it’s only a matter of time before Oakland Athletics moves to Las Vegas. Oakland City Council met on Tuesday to discuss the team’s plans to build a new baseball stadium in Howard Terminal. While the vote appears to be a victory for Athletics’ potential to stay in Oakland, the reality is […]

New cricket tournament format explained, full matches and how to watch on TV

Welcome aboard, ‘laid back’ cricket – this one’s for you. Introducing the sport to a new brand of supporters was high on the priority list when the Cent concept was conceived, but whether you love or hate the new format, a revolution has long been underway. With an income shortage only exacerbated by the pandemic, […]