Do you have the right profile to borrow?

For the banker, the borrower must meet certain criteria. A specialist gives us the profile of the dream borrower.

Banks are particularly demanding, in terms of revenues in particular. But that’s not always enough. ” The ideal borrower is between 20 and 45 years old, has a permanent contract and, if possible, is a civil servant because he will always have the security of employment, or he can exercise a function with the possibility of evolution ” declares Aurélia Meradou, customer manager at Caisse d’Epargne. The tone is given, and if the money does not smell, the borrower has a profile. In the end, no salvation for temporary contracts, temporary or other contracts whose sustainability of income is not assured. Moreover, only ” seizable wages ” are taken into account, which means that the sums drawn from unemployment benefits, housing, or disability and work accident pensions cannot be presented. as stable income guarantees.

Basic rules.

“We are obliged to listen and offer credit to anyone who requests it, provided it meets certain immutable criteria,” says the specialist. Among the elements that will send you back to square one: “Filing at the Banque de France, a debt really too important or lack of employment”. A salary of less than € 1,200 net also has a negative impact on demand, but some lenders are more accommodating than others. ” You can very well be refused by some institutions and meet the broader criteria of another ” says a professional at Société Générale. Playing the competition can be a possibility, but generally, if you have had several rejections, it is that you represent “a risk for the bank, and, without knowing it, for yourself” warns a banker.

The analysis of the lifestyle. Because of the colossal sums involved, you will be subjected to a survey on your consumption habits. If you are a bank customer, the bank will carefully review your bank statements. An ant behavior will make a much better impression than a cicada attitude. ” How did he spend those 1500 euros in three days? Two plasma TVs in two weeks, is not it a little too much? ” … This is the type of questions that your banker may have to ask. And do not expect to escape the ” scanner ” because you are not a client of the institution where you are applying for your loan. The latter will require you at least the last three statements of account. The unconditional uncovered are therefore warned.

Personal contribution and the debt ratio: two essential points. “The personal contribution is very important when you want to convince his banker to pay you a loan,” said Aurélia Meradou. “For example, for a home loan of 150,000 euros, the ideal is to finance savings up to 30,000 euros.” Reaching or even crossing this threshold, is to prove to your future creditor that you want to invest totally in this project. In general, banks appreciate the borrower who brings at least 10 or 15% of the amount out of the total purchase price. The debt ratio finally, also meets a certain threshold. The bank verifies that the monthly payment paid will not prevent the borrower from being able to support himself. ” The allowable monthly payments correspond to 33% of annual net income ” underlines Aurélia Meradou. The income must, therefore, be three times higher than the monthly payments that will be paid. “To calculate the debt ratio, we take into account all of the monthly expenses of all your credits, such as a consumer credit or a car loan,” she concludes.


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